Giant Hairy Sack


4 Jade in the Shade 82a Barrels
4 Jade in the Shade 82a Cones
4 Orange Crush 85a Barrels
4 Orange Crush 85a Cones
4 Irish Springs 88a Barrels
4 Irish Springs 88a Cones
4 Blue Ballers 90a Barrels
4 Blue Ballers 90a Cones
4 Cherry Bomb 91a Barrels
4 Cherry Bomb 91a Cones
4 Red Devil 93a Barrels
4 Red Devil 93a Cones
4 Acid Drop 97a Barrels
4 Acid Drop 97a Cones

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Hairy Bushings Giant Hairy Sack :

The ultimate complete bushing set up, this kit comes with 56 bushings, enough to make every single combination possible from Hairy Bushings premium line of urethane. From the soft yet springy 82a Jade in the Shade to the Stiff 97a Acid Drops you’ll be able to customize for every single ride! If you like testing, experimenting and adapting your ride for all conditions and types of riding this is the kit for you. With four barrels and four cones of each duro Hairy Bushings makes you will be able to mix and match to your hearts content. That’s a total of 56 bushings all in one perfect set! The Big Hairy Sack will have your setup the envy of all your friends.

This Hairy Sack features the every style of bushing Hairy Bushings offers. With all 56 bushings you’re free to create the ultimate carving board for one day, then swap them out and set up for some massive sliding the next. Hairy uses a patented premium urethane that you just have to ride to understand. And with so many combinations possible in the Big Hairy Sack you may just find yourself changing your ride every day. It’s time to make your longboard ride the way you have always dreamed!