Free Slide

Free Slides are the best slide specific bushings ever produced. We are going to make the argument here that bushings matter more than wheels when it comes to initiating and controlling your slides. Setting it up means control and initiation requires the perfect blend of resistance and compliance. You need a bushing that is capable of handling speed and yet remaining stable mid-slide as you are spilling momentum. Through the whole sequence you require active suspension to absorb anything the road throws at you. Stock bushings will work, aftermarket bushings may help, but nothing touches the level of performance you are about to feel when you get Hairy. The perfect choice for freeride boards or any board that you want to tune out for sliding. Urethane matters, testing counts! Quality craftsmanship combined with the innovative formulas used in our Urethane (Hairythane) is the key to our superior feel. We pour, we test, we pour, we test. When we have a product that we want to ride, it is released. Produced by hand right here in the Great Pacific Northwest (yup, we are talking about the USA). The perfect upgrade bushings for Paris, Bear, Randal and many other of your favorite trucks. Step up to the best!

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