Free Carve

Deep Carving bushings always provide easy turn initiation but rarely provide enough return. That is where the Free Carves dominate. No other bushing will let you dive so deeply into a turn and yet still set you back into your opposite carve with this level of control and precision. Riders who have been limited by stock bushings or let down by lesser dual cone setups will find new joy with these style masters. Radically short radius turns become possible while long drawn out soul arcs remain stable. Mix it up as you like. The road is your canvas. Free Carves are best used on Pintails, cambered carve boards, cruisers and for tuning light freeride boards for more carve oriented use. If carving for speed is your thing, look no further. Urethane matters, testing counts! Quality craftsmanship combined with the innovative formulas used in our Urethane (Hairythane) is the key to our superior feel. We pour, we test, we pour, we test. When we have a product that we want to ride, it is released. Produced by hand right here in the Great Pacific Northwest (yup, we are talking about the USA). The perfect upgrade bushings for Paris, Bear, Randal and many other of your favorite trucks. Step up to the best!

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