At Hairy we are committed to one goal – producing the best bushings on the planet. We test and refine because we love it. We skate what we pour. We know that bushings are the most important part of your setup. Decks, wheels, and even bearings get all of the love but bushings are the soul of your kit. If you are upgrading from stock bushings you are in for a real treat. If you are upgrading from aftermarket bushings… you are in for a real treat. Our commitment to pouring the best Urethane that you have ever ridden has resulted in Hairythane. It is hands down the most responsive, most intuitive and best wearing group of Urethane formulas ever produced. We know that it is going to change the way you ride. Hairy Bushings are produced by hand right here in the Great Pacific Northwest (yup, we are talking about the USA).